Cross Ocean Week 21 / May 21, 2019

Dear Members,

In network news this week I am happy to welcome a new member representing the Ukraine. In member movements we see breakbulk and OOG shipments from India to South Africa, USA to Indonesia and South Korea to Iraq.

My partners Bo and Heidi are currently attending Breakbulk Europe in Bremen. I have included a few photos from today’s networking activities.

Cody portrait

Yours sincerely,

Cody Abram

Welcome new member representing Ukraine: LLC Varamar Trans

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Velji Dosabhai & Sons Pvt. Ltd. handled break bulk 2×40’FT & 1×20’FT Transformer from Mundra to Durban

Cargo specifics:

POL: Mundra
POD: Durban

Portion A:
Mode: Break bulk
Pieces & Tonnage: 1 pc & 39.8 mts
Cargo: Transformer

Portion B:
2×40’FT & 1×20’FT
Mode: ODC
Pieces & Tonnage: 9 pcs & 50mts
Cargo: Ladle Refining Furnace

View Profile: Velji Dosabhai & Sons Pvt. Ltd.
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Monarch Group handled a Shipment of 2x Reactors from Door New York to Door Indonesia

POL: New York, USA
POD: Jakarta, Indonesia
Weight: 40,000kgs each
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.00 x 3.32 x 3.60meters each
Scope: Monarch Group handled door to door movement of cargo including seaworthy packaging

Monarch Group handled a Shipment of 10x Kia Sorento vehicles from South Korea to Door Erbil, Iraq

POL: Busan, South Korea
POD: Erbil, Iraq (via Mersin, Turkey)
Scope: Monarch Group handled port to door movement including customs formalities both ends

View Profile: Monarch Group International LLC
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Holleman Special Transport & Project Cargo Sends their Regards from Breakbulk Europe 2019, Bremen

Holleman Special Transport & Project Cargo - Romania

View profile: Holleman Special Transport Hungary
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Cross Ocean Meeting with Transport Overseas at Breakbulk Europe in Bremen


View profile: Transport Overseas Group
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Bo Drewsen Meeting with COSCO Shipping at Breakbulk Europe in Bremen

ZEAMARINE Asia Pacific Schedule And Available Breakbulk Vessels

Ocean7 Projects Position List

Ocean7 Projects
As ship owners and operators Ocean7 have at hand exclusive vessels consisting of 1500/3000 dwat coasters, 16000 dwat geared/ IMO fitted Heavy Lifters with lifting capacity up to 240 and 300 metric tons. Position List
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