Freight Forwarder Network Membership Guidelines

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Rules of Communication:

  • Members must communicate efficiently and speedy at all times.
  • All members should take action on sales leads or else we may give the lead to another member.
  • If at least two members complain about lack of communication we may exclude a member.
  • Cross Ocean asks members to reply to any email within 48 hours, even if there is not much to update.

Cross Ocean Freight Forwarder Network Sales Leads:

  • We provide business intelligence on a regular basis to members, we obtain them from the internet, attending trade shows, and various sources. Each sales lead may or may not be current, however we ask that members follow-up and give feedback to your counterpart if more members are in copy.
  • Sales leads should be followed-up on by the same members who received them and must NOT be given to any company’s own office at the origin or destination country.

Payment Rules Between Network Members:

  • Members of Cross Ocean Freight Forwarding Network Network have a duty to inform the management if they have payments unreasonably overdue from any Cross Ocean Freight Forwarding Network member. Payments that are overdue by 60 days or more will automatically result in in a notice on our website as well as a notice in our newsletter. We ask members to inform us TIMELY.
  • Cross Ocean Freight Forwarding Network does NOT have a payment insurance scheme. We have determined that freight forwarder network members generally have their own insurance and instead we have kept the membership fees at the same level since our beginning in 2012.
  • Cross Ocean Freight Forwarding Network is a network only and does NOT take any responsibility for business entered into between members.
  • We will assist to push members to pay freights and charges. We will remove a member who doesn’t follow standard payment practices or proper business ethics.
  • There is also a good chance we will list delinquent payers or companies in our newsletters. Another location we may report infractions is to and/or
  • We do our best to choose reliable and recommended members, but things can change rapidly in this business. Companies that used to be creditworthy and trustworthy may change overnight. In this eventuality, Cross Ocean does not take any responsibility for the due diligence. Freight collection and business policies are always a matter between the members themselves.

Freight Forwarder Network Exclusion Rules:

Any freight forwarder network member may be excluded in circumstances including (but not limited to) the following:

  • A minimum of two members have complained about unreasonable payment delays, therefore triggering ejection.
  • The membership fee has not been paid, thus giving us grounds to termination membership.
  • The communication rules are not adhered to.
  • Conduct at conferences is inappropriate.

By joining members agree to these guidelines.

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