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Cross Ocean Week 48 / November 26th, 2019

Dear Members,

It has been 2 1/2 weeks since we wrapped up Cross Ocean’s 2nd Global Conference in Bangkok. By all accounts the event was productive, enjoyable and valuable. Thank you for those of you who came, especially those of you who travelled all the way from the Americas. We held our first two conferences in Bangkok as we grew the network and we have decided to move the next conference to Dubai where direct flights are more abundant for many of you. Dubai will be hosting the World Expo starting officially on the 20th of October, hopefully this will be an additional reason to make the trip.

In network development we are happy to report a steady growth in membership, with increasing numbers and geographical reach. There are more new members in the pipeline but for today we announce new members representing China, Kuwait, Japan and Argentina. Also see herein a link to the Bangkok conference photos as well as member news and shipping resources.

This is our final newsletter of the year, in the meantime don’t forget to use our WhatsApp group chat and refer to our website or mobile app for up-to-date member details. Contact me anytime if you need assistance with any of the above. We will be back with our first newsletter of 2020 on Tuesday the 14th of January. Until then we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Yours sincerely,

Cody Abram

Cross Ocean’s 3rd Global Conference will be held in Dubai on
the 18th  –  19th October, 2020


The conference dates have been chosen to allow attendees to also catch the official opening of Dubai’s Expo 2020. Dates may adjust a day or two as needed. Once registration is open you will all receive an email with hotel booking and signup instructions.

The latest Cross Ocean Global Conference was held in Bangkok on the 8th and 9th of November, 2019


Click here to view a selection of photos from the conference.

New member representing China – LS Cargo Logistics China Ltd.


View Profile: LS Cargo Logistics China Ltd.
View Website:

New member representing Kuwait – Alghanim Group of Shipping & Transport W.L.L.


View Profile: Alghanim Group of Shipping & Transport W.L.L
View Website:

New member representing Japan – ITOCHU Logistics Corp.


View Profile: ITOCHU Logistics Corp.
View Website:

New member representing Argentina – Ulog Argentina (Agencia Maritima Internacional S.A.)


View Profile: Ulog Argentina (Agencia Maritima Internacional S.A.)
View Website:

Shanghai Beetle Handled Two Breakbulk Shipments from Shanghai and Qingdao to Tema, Ghana

Shanghai Beetle Handled Two Breakbulk Shipments from ShanghaiQingdao, China to Tema, Ghana

View Profile: Shanghai Beetle Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
View Website:

Asercomex’s Latest Movement from Brugos, Spain to Vancouver, Canada


2 x Flat Racks OW and OOG
1 x 20 DV with Spare Parts

View Profile: Asercomex Logistics S.l.
View Website:

IOL Indonesia has Moved their Surabay Office

IOL Indonesia has moved office

View Profile: IOL Logistics
View Website:

Cross Ocean and Denmark, Iceland member Samskip A/S met in Aarhus, Denmark


View Profile: Samskip A/S Denmark
View Profile: Samskip A/S Iceland
View Website:

Cross Ocean and CU logistics in Bangkok getting ready for the 2nd Global Conference

Cross Ocean and CU logistics in Bangkok

View Profile: CU Logistics Co., Ltd.
View Website:

Take an Ocean Voyage onboard a Cargo Ship


Read more about it here:


ICC Incoterms 2020 Mobile App


View the PDF

United Heavy Lift and Ocean7 Projects follow up Joint Office in Norway with new Location in Malaysia

View the PDF

Ocean7 Projects Position List

Ocean7 Projects

Caribbean Sea Covered – by HÖEGH AUTOLINERS

Editor’s Note:
One of our group service providers, Höegh Autoliners RoRo also run a regular service between the Caribbean Islands


View the PDF

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