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Cross Ocean will hold our first ever conference in Bangkok on November 26 & 27, 2018
Bo Drewsen
Cross Ocean Cody
  • Cross Ocean is a global network of air and sea freight forwarders who, in addition to their normal services, can also handle OOG and special cargoes by sea or air.
  • The network belongs to the CLC Projects Group of companies established originally in Hong Kong on April 1, 2012
  • The membership fee is EUR 1,250 per year
  • We allow maximum 2 members per each country
    with some exceptions - see here
  • We deliver business intelligence & sales leads to every member weekly
  • Sales support is available 24/7 by true industry professionals
  • Cross Ocean does not have ownership or financial interest in any freight forwarding company or shipping agency
  • Network meetings are held once a year in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Contact Bo Drewsen - Chairman for further details: [email protected]
Expand Your Reach - Gain An Instant Global Network
Map of Central-America
Reach even the smallest countries

With a truly global network you will be able to quote on business you otherwise would have had to pass up.

Map of Africa
Trustworthy partners everywhere

Cross Ocean does a thorough background check on every member, so that you can conduct business with more confidence.

Map of the Americas

With only 2 members per country (except where the population is over 80 million) you will not be lost in the crowd.

Cross Ocean Reasonable Fees
Reasonable Fees
Cross Ocean's annual membership fee is only EUR 1,250
Cross Ocean Member Focus
Member Focus
Cross Ocean allows a maximum of 2 members per country except countries with over 80 million people
Cross Ocean Global Connections
Global Connections
Each year a global meeting of members is held in Bangkok, Thailand
Cross Ocean Instant Help
Responsive & Expert Assistance
We are here to provide assistance and VIP contacts whenever you need it
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Active Sales Network
Leveraging VIP contacts with shippers and shipowners Cross Ocean delivers more than just annual meetings between members.
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Shipping Network
It’s Easy to Get Started
Cross Ocean makes it easy for members to start booking more cargo, by simply signing up. We will make sure the global network will know about you and your services.
Cross Ocean Boost Business
Cross Ocean Exists to Help Members Book Cargo
customer centric
Industry Knowledge
Forward Thinking
Jan Sillén - Molineux Spedition
"Molineux Spedition saw a 20% increase in bookings after joining Cross Ocean Network. The membership has paid for itself many times over."
Tom K. De Vera - Eagle Express
"I have had the opportunity to work with the most active and well positioned freight forwarders in the World since joining Cross Ocean"
David Xu - Sino Projects Ltd.
"Fellow members have found our rail services that run from inland China via Kazakhstan, Russia and into Europe a good option for those clients who want faster transit time than shipping, but not ready to pay as much as airfreight."
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