Cross Ocean Week 17 / April 23rd, 2019
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Dear Members,
Greetings from hot and humid Bangkok where I have been working out of our company condo-office for a week. Momentarily I will board my flight back to Cebu, Philippines a much smaller city of only 1 million compared to Bangkok's roughly 10 million. The fairly recent addition of the direct flight between the two southeast asian cities was surely a result of the newly finished Cebu Airport (technically just a new terminal). Even though it's only 3 days a week it is a major improvement to my quality of life and will boost Cebu's economy by way of bringing more tourist.
In network news this week members have shared the following special movements, we have oversized cargo being trucked in Europe, some over height FRs from China to Iran, some large tractors on the move, a 500 ton port crane being transported from Italy to India and some amusement rides from Italy to Australia. 
Note the new breakbulk service announced in news today between the Port of Antwerp and Casablanca.
Also in this edition of Cross Ocean's newsletter see the usual sailing schedules, information about our next global conference, our mobile app and WhatsApp group chat.
Our Chairman Bo Drewsen will be at AntwerpXL on the 8th & 9th of May in Antwerp, Belgium, if you will be there let him know
Last but not least please share your news with me so that we can share with members of Cross Ocean and a larger audience via our social media pages.
Yours sincerely,
Cody Abram
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Idea Maroc is introducing a new Breakbulk liner service in partnership with Dutch Group Vertom

The service name is CAMABE LINE with one to two vessel calls per month from the port of Antwerp to the Port of Casablanca. (Download Press Release Here)

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Ocean7 Projects Position List

Ocean7 Projects
As ship owners and operators Ocean7 have at hand exclusive vessels consisting of 1500/3000 dwat coasters, 16000 dwat geared/ IMO fitted Heavy Lifters with lifting capacity up to 240 and 300 metric tons.
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